1) What are the establishments and people that are obligated to become a member?

According to 32nd article of law rule number 5174 and 7th article of Regulation of the Proceedings of the Commodity Exchange, anyone who engaged with sale and purchasing products that are included to Commodity Exchange quotation is obligated to become a member of their local Commodity Exchange.

Anyone who is obligated for membership must notify their local Commodity Exchange within a month of their registration and amendments which are compatible with Turkish Commercial Code. Local Commodity Exchanges informs registration office with unregistered people or establishments. Registration office is required to make the necessary procedures on notification.

Unregistered establishments and people are registered by the Commodity Exchange and they are notified with the registration.

2) What are the required documents for the membership?

Membership Processes  https://www.duzcetb.org.tr/icerik/uyelik-islemleri

3) What are the sale and purchasing products that are obligated with registration?

It is obligated to register every item listed in Quotation List.

 Quotation List   https://www.duzcetb.org.tr/icerik/kotasyon-listesi

4) How can we see your Price Bulletin?

You can reach our price bulletin from the Bulletin section on our website.

 5) When are the registration and annual fees due for?

 It is divided to two on June and October. Late payment penalties are applied for unpaid annual fees.